Saturday, July 16, 2005

Understanding "Debt"...

Anyone pursuing Sovereignty will eventually come into the study of the true nature of debt in America. It is ALL based on fraud perpetrated by the banks, and sanctioned by the so-called "government", the heart of which is the Federal Reserve Note system, and all other forms of commercial paper. The fleecing of America.

The new educational link to the right will provide some valuable insight for those wanting to know more about "debt", and the owner of the website offers assistance for those that have debt they want to eliminate.

I do not know this individual, and I have no commercial agreement with him. I am only posting this link as a study aid, but it never hurts to inquire. He may be able to help.

Later, Bear

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rice McLeod Redemption Manual...

Great News! I was able to post a link to Rice McLeod's Redemption Manual at Common Law Venue. Click the link to the right and it will take you right to it. Each section is posted in .pdf format and is downloadable. I printed the whole thing and took it to Kinko's to have them comb bind it. Now when a friend wants a copy they can borrow it and take it to the copy place and have them reproduce it.

If you don't know what Rice's manual is all about, well, I suggest you read it.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Resource List and Links...


Books and Study Materials :

1. Magna Carta
2. Declaration of Independence
3. Ariticles of Confederation
4. Constitution for the united states of America, including preamble to the Decalration of Rights
5. Barron’s Legal Guides, Law Dictionary, Steven H. Gifis
6. Black’s Law Dictionary 4th, 5th, 6th, and any current edition
7. Adventures in Legal Land, Marc Stevens

Essential Internet Resouces :

18.Sovereigns Not Required to Have Drivers License

Essential Audio and Video Resources :

1. The Money Masters-
2. Waco Rules of Engagement-
3. Waco A New Revelation-
4. Alex Jones Videos-
5. Panama the Deception-

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Addresses and Zip Codes...

So this will be my first post beyond just 'introduction' to the blog, and just so you understand, Sovereignty must be behind every thought we have, and every breath we take to really make it work. I like to think of it as a new spiritual goal, and my reason for telling you this is that much of what will be posted on this sight will not be technical jargon, or methodology, but true life experiences of someone (Me) who is envoking his Sovereignty.

Your comments are always welcome as long as there is respect, toward Me and all the other folks who will comment on this bloggie blog. I like to be challenged, so feel free to do so if something is not clear or seems inaccurate.

Now, on to business...

Thanks to all the folks that came to the meeting in California and gave their generous support.

In this blog I will quickly suggest an alternative address format to use on all your mail.

Most people are used to formatting their address like this:

John H. Doe
Street Address/PO Box No.
City, ST 12345

This address format is for the fictional strawman, as it refers to a place that exists in a fictional world, i.e. a "federal zone", and does not describe a particular piece of land. The concept of LAND is extremely important when attempting to understand Sovereignty. If you come accross a Black's Law 4th Edition, look up the term "Law of the Land", and you'll see what I mean.

To send or receive mail from a location that describes a particular piece of land, I suggest formatting your address this way:

John Henry Doe
c/o Street Address/PO Box No.
City, State Name Spelled out
Non domestic [no zip code]
united states of America

Zip codes and the two letter state abbreviations create a jurisdictional trap that most are unaware of, so it is best to not use them or receive any mail that contains one. That letter is not addressed to you. It is addressed to an entity that they consider to be subject to their will, i.e. the 'strawman'.

I have been doing this for some time now and I get all my mail. And again- do the research behind this. Go to the post office and ask to see the current DMM (Domestic Mail Manual). Look up the section that talks about zip codes and confirm that they are NOT required. The information sinks in much better when someone takes the time to do the actual research.


This is the official blog site of Bear's Sovereignty training seminars. In it you will find information on how to apply the Redemption method, information sharing, and the application and living practice of Sovereign principles.

It is offered as a research and development tool for anyone who is tired of the way things are going in America, and is ready to step into their role as Owner, Creditor, Claimant, and Beneficiary of the original intent and jurisdiction, and for those seeking to find or share information that will further the goals of individual Sovereignty, Property Rights, and Self Government.

Please bookmark this web page, and browse the "News and Education Links" in the right hand sidebar. Start studying, and stay tuned for updates, visitor comments, and questions. You cannot be ignorant and free.

I will have to learn a little HTML to really make this site what I want it to be, but I hope that soon I will be able to have downloadable documents and templates for everyone.

To start, click on the "Common Law Venue" link, and scroll down the blue sidebar on their website until you see "Rice McLeod Redemption". Then download the book in .pdf format. Read the book, and assume nothing is true. Look it up yourself.